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    Laptops for Students | Student Laptop Deals

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    • Pay what Lenovo employees pay for select PCs and electronics, with up to {savingPercent} off.  Shop Now >

    • Graduation Celebration! Celebrate your grad with up to 65% off laptops, accessories & more! Shop Now >

    • Celebrate Earth Month With Us! Recycle your old PC and earn a Visa Gift Card + an additional $20 in Rewards. Learn More >

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    Laptop, tablet with folio keyboard & accessories sitting side by side.

    Graduation Celebration

    Save up to 65% during our Graduation Celebration! And get another 5% off with ID.me.

    • 1. Add items to cart.
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    • 3. Done! Discounts applied*.
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    Student & Teacher Discount FAQs

    How does the ID.me student & teacher discount work?

    Lenovo offers College Students and all Teachers a special discount on their entire purchase. Just click on the Verify with ID.me button in the shopping cart to verify your status, and the discount will be applied at checkout. Lenovo reserves the right to change or cancel this program offering at any time.

    Who is eligible?

    Individuals who are actively enrolled as a college student, university student, community college, or technical college student are eligible for the ID.me discount. Active PreK-12 Classroom Teachers, PreK-12 Principals and Assistant Principals, PreK-12 School Employees, and College/University Professors are eligible for the program.

    Note that K-12 students and parents are not eligible for the ID.me discount, however, these parties are able to receive a special discount through our K-12 Discount Store.

    Lenovo partners with ID.me to provide discounts to students, teachers, medical professionals, and more. Learn more about all of the discount programs offered.

    How do I verify my status?

    You can verify your student or teacher affiliation by clicking the Verify with ID.me button in the shopping cart on Lenovo.com. Then, simply follow the prompts to complete your verification and have your discount applied.

    What happens when I verify my status?

    Once you verify your student or teacher affiliation, the discount will be applied to all eligible products in your shopping cart.

    Can I share my discount with others?

    No, this program is only for eligible members.

    Will creation of my ID.me account trigger marketing communications?

    No, you will not receive communications from ID.me unless you specifically opt in to receive communications from them.

    Student Laptop Deals 2023

    Shop Student Deals on Lenovo’s Best Laptops for School

    Lenovo is a famous trusted brand for thousands of customers as it produces the most stylish and durable laptops for schools. With a wide variety of different categories including the Chromebook, Ideapad, and Yoga Series Lenovo has produced some of the best school laptops

    If you’re looking for great savings on a flexible, reliable, and powerful laptop for school, then look no further than Lenovo. At Lenovo, we feature great savings all year long on top laptops for school, but during our annual Back to School Sale, you won’t believe the deals you’ll find. 

    And we get it, you can find good laptops for school just about anywhere. But at Lenovo, we don’t just offer great savings, we understand better that no two students want to use their school laptops in the same way. So, we’ve spent years designing laptops that aren’t just ultra-reliable but offer new and diverse capabilities that better let you study, work, and play, all your way.

    Want to know more before you buy? Read on for help finding the perfect school laptop for you or the student in your life.


    Our Best Laptop for Students

    To get the most done, a laptop for students needs a lightweight, fast, and powerful construction with a long battery life that they can tote across campus or from classroom to classroom. You may need CPU-intensive software for special coursework or a touchscreen for creative assignments. To find the best laptop for your student, you′ll need to consider field of study, computing needs, and budget. Lenovo has laptops for every major in a variety of prices from under $300 to over $1,000.

    Supporting Students

    Lenovo understands that students need to have technology in the current world of education. All the way from Elementary school to higher education technology and distance learning are more and more prevalent. There are many reasons why Lenovo makes a point to support students of all levels.

    Many students under the college level are funded by their guardians and we understand that can put a strain on the wallet of those guardians. College level students and above Lenovo also understands that many of those students make their own financial decisions and that replacing their own technology to stay up to date for class can get pretty pricey. Lenovo wants to take the strain away from those guardians and students with sales and other fundings that we offer. This way guardians can find the best laptop for high school students in the same place as the best laptop for grad school.

    By offering all of those ways to take the strain off the students’ and guardians of younger students' wallets, Lenovo hopes to allow them to focus on learning and continuing their education in the years to come. Our student discounts are here to provide that cushion to guardians and students so the guardians can know their child will be prepared for the upcoming school years and the higher education students will be prepared for their entire academic career and beyond.

    Lenovo understands that technology progresses quickly. Because of this understanding we offer the best student discounts. There are other places with discounts for students, but Lenovo wants to be first on their minds when upgrading or looking for a laptop for teenager or looking for good laptops for students. Keep all of the teaching discounts on your mind when you are considering replacing any electronics for yourself or your classroom. 


    How much should you spend on laptops for students?

    Every student has different priorities (depending on their field of study or grade level), and that means different computer requirements. An English literature major may not have the same CPU and graphics needs as a computer science or engineering student, for example. It′s important to invest in a quality laptop that will serve you well for your entire academic run. At Lenovo, we offer a diverse range of student laptops:

    ·         Performance laptops: for creators, professionals, and gamers — for when you need the power of a full desktop workstation.


    ·         Ultraportable laptops: for students who want a little less heft to carry between classes.


    ·         Affordable laptops: for students who need both value and performance from a single package.


    ·         2 in 1 laptop: for students who want to stay extremely flexible — devices that serve as a tablet when you want it, and a laptop when you need it.


    ·         Chromebooks: for students that cut to the chase, featuring a web-based software suite from Google that′s perfect for getting homework done.


    Lenovo ThinkPad for students

    Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are tough as nails and reliable, giving you the tools you need to stay productive.

    ThinkPad Yoga 2 in 1 laptop are designed with impact- and scratch-resistant glass that can withstand drops from desk height. You can open the laptop’s 360-degree hinge and use the screen as a drawing easel, watch lectures, and more.

    With the versatile ThinkPad, students have so many options for learning and completing projects.

    For a more stylish work solution, the ThinkBook series relies on an all-aluminum design, Dolby Audio, and Dolby Vision technology. Students will love the series′ Modern Standby feature, which allows you to wake the laptop in under 0.5 seconds. While in Sleep mode, ThinkBook can still download files and play audio, which may be useful if you′re conserving battery. Fortunately, ThinkBook delivers up to 10 hours of battery life on a single charge.


    Our Best 2 in 1 Laptop for Students

    Ready for something different? Our groundbreaking Yoga laptops, tablets, and 2 in 1s will turn heads — and you’ll find new ways to be productive on campus with them.

    Vibrant displays and immersive audio? Check. Tablets that work as movie or presentation projectors? Yep. Pen support for artists and designers and a premium keyboard that’s seriously like nothing you’ve ever seen before? It’s all yours to explore

    For an ultra-thin and versatile student solution, the Yoga 2 in 1 Series delivers plenty of power. Select Yoga Series laptops even include a garaged pen that slides into the chassis, so students can take notes and draw directly on the display. With an ultra-thin and lightweight design that slides into a small book bag, students can enjoy a powerful 2 in 1 experience anywhere on campus.

    If you′re looking for a student laptop that goes beyond surfing the web and productivity apps, we’ve got you covered. The Lenovo Flex Series are full-fledged laptops that also double as tablets, thanks to their 360-degree hinge and Full HD screens – perfect for streaming movies once the homework’s done.


    Our best laptops for gaming and students

    There′s nothing quite like losing yourself in an immersive story after a stressful midterm exam. Want the best laptop for school and gaming? Our premium Lenovo Legion and more affordable IdeaPad gaming laptops are great for students who need a laptop for class, but also want to game with their pals when the work is done. These gaming laptops for school boast powerful processors, high-performance graphics, and overclockable CPU options


    Laptops for Online Classes

    Not going into the classroom? An ever-growing number of students are taking courses and submitting classwork from the comfort of their own homes. If you’re one of those using laptops for online classes, Lenovo has top options for distance learning. Outfit your home office (or wherever you settle in) with the best laptops and tech.  Need help deciding? Read about the tech you’ll need for remote learning in our handy FAQ.


    Student Computer Deals

    Not interested in a laptop? While it’s true, “laptop” is mostly the only name in the game across classrooms and campuses these days, there’s still plenty of reason to consider one of our top student computer deals to accommodate the more demanding technical specializations. Tower desktop computers can be more powerful and longer-lasting than their laptop counterparts. This is due to their spacy interiors that can accommodate more powerful internal components and, at the same time, allow for tech-savvy students to upgrade outdated components over time – thus preserving your overall device for years beyond that which a laptop might last.

    Desktop computers are also the preference for many gamers, owing to the same reasons above. There are also ultra-stylish all-in-one desktop PCs to consider when space is limited. All in one PCs pack internal components right into the display, thus allowing them to easily fit into tighter spaces, like those found in dorm rooms. If any of the reasons above to choose a desktop over a laptop are appealing to you, browse all of our best computers for college students to find a discount on a great model today.


    Expect more from a modern computer with an SSD

    Today′s student computers look different because they are different. With solid-state drives (SSDs) and the latest in technology, you get speed, security, durability, and great design. We′ve taken a poll, and as it turns out, people are just happier when they go with a modern student PC.


    Looking for gifts for students?

    When it comes to gift ideas for college students, a computer is an excellent choice. You will be giving something that is not only stylish and beautiful to look at but can change a student’s college experience. The same is true for high school students and other grades.

    No school or college experience can be complete these days without a powerful computer. Requirements differ between the best laptops for elementary students and the best laptops for grad students.

    Before you make a purchase, it’s important to understand the needs of the student you are looking to support. Granted, this means that your gift may not be a surprise, but it ensures that it will be well received.

    If you are looking for gift ideas for college students, find out what type of computer they are currently using. Perhaps someone just about to leave home and start their college journey has a desktop computer and would benefit from a versatile, 2-in-1 laptop? Lenovo’s Yoga series would be an excellent fit for them.

    The best laptops for grad students often need to be powerful enough to accommodate various apps and software. If you are shopping for a grad student, consider a more high-end laptop from the Lenovo ThinkPad series. After all, laptops are built and bought to last. Something more powerful is likely to accommodate the student’s needs even after they graduate.

    Shopping for the best laptops for elementary students and other levels has different considerations. Simplicity and ease of use are often more important than sheer computing power.

    Laptops make outstanding gifts for students if their specifications match the student’s needs. Apart from academic needs, it’s worth remembering that many students love gaming and may want a more powerful laptop for that purpose.

    More Student Resources

    Lenovo EDU Community

    Lenovo Student Discount

    Lenovo Laptops for University

    Lenovo Teacher Discount

    Student PC Accessories

    Lenovo Trade In Program

    Computer Financing for Students

    Lenovo Student FAQs

    MyLenovo Rewards

    Students and a Greener Tomorrow

    Lastly, we know that there is a huge need to continue operating in a green environment. Therefore, we continually ensure that our laptops are made using environmentally friendly materials. We also offer a Trade In Program for all electronics. 

    First, we have a green approach in all our processes, from product design to the end product assembly. Also, we have a recycling program that ensures we have the least possible amount of electronic waste. With the Trade In Program students or a guardian on their behalf can turn in their older machines and as long as they meet the requirements they will receive a VISA gift card that can be used on Lenovo.com in tandem with the student discounts that are offered, but anywhere else they are looking to make a purchase. This reduces the amount of electronic waste contributing to pollution and saves money when looking to upgrade their personal or school laptop. With the Trade In Program we can save educators more money and keep the planet healthy while doing it.

    In addition, we take sustainability in production seriously, and part of our volunteer programs involves educating students and teachers on how to go green. Thus, preventing climatic change is a cardinal consideration at the heart of everything we do. And there is no better way of realizing that than educating students and teachers.

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